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Water Reuse

We're worldwide leaders in water reuse, continually perfecting our science.

Environmental concerns, combined with increasingly stringent wastewater discharge requirements, are escalating the water reuse issue in all regions of the world. The challenge for the water treatment industry is to develop technology and processes that will treat industrial wastewater to meet relevant standards, so that the water can be reused.

Leading the way, our innovative membrane systems are highly effective on all wastewater types. From our flagship PURON® MBR submerged modules to our TARGA® II hollow fiber ultrafiltration for low TSS, we are always enhancing the technology, so that water never goes to waste

KMS’ innovative membrane filtration technologies are now playing a key role in the Aquapolo Ambiental project, a water reuse venture to restrict industrial use of potable water in São Paulo. Aquapolo is the largest wastewater reuse project in the Southern Hemisphere, and the fifth largest of its kind in the world