Membrane Products


State-of-the-art PURON technology changed the game dramatically.

The design of our single-header ultrafiltration PURON membrane bioreactor changed everything for industrial and municipal wastewater treatment. This patented module features reinforced PVDF hollow fibers that are fixed only at the bottom, which virtually eliminates the buildup of hair and fibrous materials that typically clog the upper ends of modules that employ top and bottom headers. Solids and particulates, including bacteria, remain on the outside, while permeate is drawn through the membrane to the inside of the fibers. Only PURON modules position the aeration nozzle in the center of the fiber bundle to scour the entire fiber length, minimizing power consumption.

Energy-efficient and cost-effective, PURON MBR single header design has quickly become the technology of choice for wastewater treatment plants looking to reduce energy, minimize downtime, and increase flux, all within a small footprint.

Key Product Features:
  • One of the lowest energy demand products in the market
  • Braided membrane fibers- no fiber breaks, minimal downtime
  • Central aeration- highly effective, crash-resistant air scouring
  • Best solids management
  • High flux, reduced fouling
  • Efficient system design
  • 10% more surface area than competing supported fiber products
  • Title 22 compliant