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Municipal Water Solutions

We turn sophisticated science into dependable water treatment solutions.

KMS engineers lead the way in developing cost-effective, highly advanced membrane filtration technologies that reliably treat a variety of source waters, allowing municipalities around the world the ability to provide clean, potable water. We have risen to meet changing legislation such as the Safe Drinking Water Act and World Health Organization water guidelines, and will be there with solutions as regulations evolve in the United States and around the world.

Surface Water

Learn how our membrane systems can secure a safe supply of potable water from lakes, rivers, and streams.

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Brackish Water

Find out how we are helping municipalities harness previously unusable water sources to meet demands for potable water.

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Seawater Desalination

Discover emerging science in seawater desalination, and how it's meeting global requirements for fresh water.

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Ground Water

Learn how KMS systems and membranes help make ground water safe for agricultural, municipal, and industrial use every day throughout the world.

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